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Call for Invited Talks

The Professors, and Researchers are welcome to deliver the invited talks (of 1 hr), being organized in connection with the CSA International conference, on any new methodologies, research trends in any topic related to the subject listed below; on which this conference is primarily focused.

Computational Mathematics, Theoretical Computer Science
Data Structures and Algorithms
Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems, and Computational Intelligence
Software Engineering, Software Engineering & CASE
Bioinformatics, Soft and High Performance Computing
Compilers and Interpreters
Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems
Computer Networks, Computer Security,Watermarking
Data Communications, Data Compression, Mobile Computing
Data Mining, Databases
Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing
Distributed Systems, Parallel and Distributed Computing
Event Driven Programming
Natural Language Processing, Programming Languages
Applications of Computer Science and Engineering
Information Technology Application, Knowledge Management
Control Theory and Application
Telecommunication Technologies

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